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Scripts release(Select Non-Planar and Broken Wall Creator)..

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Lately i have got some request for the Broken Wall Creator script, so finally got time to make it releasable. It has got some bugs so please bare with it and comment here if found any. Use only the top view to create the broken wall because of some bugs.
Someone on Tech-Artist.org wanted a script to select non planar faces. I had a script that was written a while back so thought of releasing it as well.
Please download the scripts from
Broken Wall Creator
Select Non-Planar Faces

Installation Instructions for Select Non-Planar Faces
* Drag and Drop Select_NPR.mzp in to 3dsMax viewport.
* From the Customize User Interface menu option you can now assign Select_NPR to a Toolbar. The command is located in the "Akira Scripts" Category.

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