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NormalMap Widget for 3ds Max

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Been busy learning to create forms using dotnet in maxscript. Earlier today stumble across Steev “kobra” Kelly's tutorial for easily creating normal map details in 3ds max and use photoshop to add it to a base map. So thought of writing a script for quick normal map renders based on the tutorial.

Steps for usage:
1. Run the Script :D. Find it in Customize User Interface->Toolsbar->Catogery->Akira's Scripts-> NormalWidget

2. Select the Highpoly and hit setup.

3. Scale the highpoly to fit the template plane.

4. Hit render and save the image.

5. Use it to add details in the base map. Idle to create a library of normal maps for using across objects like nuts,bolts,cracks,etc.


Hopefully will include render size options in the next update. Suggestion are welcome.

NormalMapWidget(Mirror Link)

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