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Neo Axis Map Exporter for 3ds Max.

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I started doing some R&D on NeoAxis engine sometime ago. I was having problem setting up level in side the editor so wrote a script to export the map file and Highmaterial file. I use ogremax exporter for exporting all the meshes in the scene.
This is my first script posted here. Many more to come....

Current Features:
-- Exports all the Material in the scene to highmaterial file
-- Exports static geometry object's PRS to Map file

Expected Features in future:
-- Layer support and export lights
-- Full Highmaterial support(currently only diffuse and lightmap are exported)

Instructions :

1. In case your materials are not named properly, give the material name and press Rename Material
2. Specify Mesh reference folder i.e the folder in which u place ur mesh files e.g Maps\Test\StaticGeometry\ or Models\Temp\
3. Press .. for selecting the folder to export highmaterials.
4. Export the Map and enjoy..


1. Instanced objects should have the same name.
2. Lightmap should be baked to glossiness target slot with UV channel no 2
3. Meshes and the textures should be placed in the folder specified in Mesh Ref.

Download Link:
NeoAxis Map Exporter - 3ds Max 2009 & 2008
NeoAxis Map Exporter - 3ds Max 9

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  1. Hi, this looks very interesting indeed. I normally use Ofusion Pro and Ogremax only occasionally. Have been interested in Neoaxis for a long time but the editors always seemed so clunky. Especially the Resource editor.

    I'm looking forward to testing out your map exporter. Anything that makes for a shortcut into getting a complete scene into Neoaxis is a huge bonus. I asked for .scene or OSM support numerous times but to no avail.

    Look forward to see how this progresses 🙂

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