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MentalRay Utility Gamma Adder..

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This script was written for a friend who had a scene with 150 textures and wanted to add Utility Gamma & Gain(MI) for every diffuse texture. Thought this might be useful for MentalRay users out there.

- Adds Mental ray Gamma and gain utility to the diffuse map channel, only if a bitmap texture exists.
- Currently adds only for Arch and Design,Standard Material and Multi Material in the diffuse map channel.

Download Link:

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Broken Wall Generator..

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Here is a little maxscript inspired from Gunnar Radeloff's demo reel(here). It generates a broken wall from an interactively drawn curve or a existing shape. Options to control wall width, no. of columns, brick width, height and length. Will be adding more features in future.

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Back to School……..

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Doing Masters in Computer Application(MCA) was a long time goal,finally got my course material for MCA. I hope this helps my Technical Artist skills in the future...

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Learning Maths and Python

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Recently found a website called ProjectEuler which has very good maths problems to be solved using computer programming. I am just trying to build up my python programming skills. There is one more site which i found at Tech-Artist.org which has more challenging riddles to be solved using python, PythonChallenge.com. Don't forget to check them out.

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Best PC Game of the Year(India) and Featured in Autodesk Game Reel

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Ghajini, The Game for which i was the Level Editor and Technical artist has won The Golden Cursor Animation award for the Best PC Game 2008-09. And the game has also been featured in Autodesk GDC Games Show reel 2009.
Wow.... I am very excited. I am very proud to be a part of the game and the company i'm working with FX Labs.

Ghajini- The Game
About the Award
The Golden Cursor Animation Awards

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Just finished playing Wanted:Weapon of Fate in the morning, thought why not make a list of all the games i played in the last 3-4 years which i remember. So here i present the list of games(PC) i finished and some unfinished..

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Python rocks..

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Recently started using Pyhton to simplify my life at work. Initially i started looking in python because of Blender,later on when there was a requirement of a tool which had to run in any system, python came to my rescue. Its was very quick and easy to write. My python journey begins....

Here are few sites i found useful.
Python Docs
Python Book
Tech-Artist.org(my favorite for technical artists)
Python Challenges(awesome site i found in tech-artist forums)

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Trying out PC virtualization…

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Busy with work...... my work at office is going through crunch mode, deadlines. I made my self free in the weekend to cleanup my PC.Then tried out virtualization of my PC with VirtualBox and installed Ubuntu. I liked ubuntu and the concept of open-source very much,now trying to use open-source application as much as possible. Here are my screenshots of my desktops new look and ubuntu running inside windows XP.

BTW..there is nice post by Mr.Lukáš Duběda at http://blog.duber.cz/opinions/virtualization-on-64bit-machines-is-a-must about virtualization and its benefits for Technical Artists/Tool Developer.

My Desktop
Linux in XP
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M1 Abrams Tank Model and Rig

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This is a model of M1 Abrams Tank made in 3ds max. Its a highpoly model done for practice and i tried to rig the tank threads. The video shows the threads rig done mostly with scripted controller, i tried to automate the process as much as i can with self detecting terrain for wheel placement and rotation of threads and wheel controlled by a spinner on main controller. Tnx for watching.

From Tank Render
From Tank Render
From Tank Render
From Tank Render

Tank Thread Rig from akram on Vimeo.

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NeoAxis Map Exporter Tutorial

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Hello again,

I have made a video tutorial on how to use the map exporter that i have written for 3ds Max to NeoAxis. This is my first tutorial so bare with me........

Thanks for watch......

Download High Quality video Tutorial


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